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Founded in 1991, the International Guild of Musicians in Dance is the longest-running organization for dance musicians. IGMD offers opportunities to build relationships through its lively email discussion group, conferences, retreats, and informal events. The guild maintains a web-based journal and blog, and unique resources for members and the public.

The guild is made up of 300+ dance musicians, music directors, dance teachers and administrators, choreographers; Academics, freelancers, professionals, and everything in between, from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

ur Mission

To research and make known to the world the intricate and rich history of our specific and unique art form, promote artistic excellence and develop education in the field, cultivate and encourage increase communication between and within the worlds of music and dance, and create a forum for the sharing of ideas, information, and resources among its members.

Our Vision
To be the global leader in music with dance by providing outstanding resources and opportunities in research, performance, education, and advocacy.

Our Values
Relationships - Facilitating connections between musicians, dancers, teachers, administrators, enthusiasts, and industry, locally and globally

Research - 
Pursuing deeper understandings of music and movement

Education and mentorship - Providing opportunities, inspiration, and guidance, for musicians, dancers and teachers

Preservation - 
Documenting the history of musicians in dance, and our own organization

Openness/Inclusion - 
Welcoming any and all who share an interest in music and dance


Date, Location - Host

1991 Brockport, New York - Bill Moulton

1992 Brockport, New York - Bill Moulton

1993 Miami, Florida - Natalie Gilbert, Max VanderBeek

1994 Tallahassee, Florida - Greg Presley and Ray Brooks

1995 New York, New York - Saul Spangenberg

1995 Sibelius Academy, Finland - Elina Lampinen

1997 Tempe, Arizona - Robert Kaplan and David Karagianis

1998 Stockholm, Sweden - Lars Dahlman

2000 Columbus, Ohio (Meeting) - Natalie Gilbert

2001 Columbus, Ohio - Natalie Gilbert

2001 Salzburg, Austria - Elina Lampinen

2002 Columbus, Ohio - Natalie Gilbert

2004 Irvine, CA - Alan Terriciano

2007 Urbana, Illinois - John Toenjes

2009 Tallahassee, Florida - Doug Corbin

2010 Tucson, Arizona - Suzanne Knosp

2011 Minneapolis, Minnesota (concurrent with NDEO) - Suzanne Knosp, Manjunan Gnanaratnam

2012 Los Angeles, California (concurrent with NDEO) Suzanne Knosp

2013 Brockport, New York - Tamara Wilcox

2015 Phoenix, Arizona (concurrent with NDEO) - Robert Kaplan, Suzanne Knosp

2018 Durham, North Carolina  (Summer retreat) - Natalie Gilbert